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The grey squirrel seems to be quite happy to set up home within a domestic loft, making use of the insulation to build their drey (nest) and rear their offspring. Squirrels are very territorial animals. Once they have become established within your property, they will return every season.

Their teeth grow 50mm per year so they are continually gnawing. In your loft, they will cause considerable damage and even danger, by gnawing through electric cables, wooden rafters etc.

You might only notice squirrels in your premises when upstairs lights suddenly stop working, or because you hear them scrabbling about in the early hours of the morning.

Grey squirrels may produce up to four young twice a year between the months of September and May.

Treatment for Squirrels: Unfortunately the only successful treatment is to humanely destroy them and to trap and remove squirrels.. Removal is also unlikely to succeed as their territorial nature means they would soon return. We install specialist traps to rid your home of squirrels, then advise you about any proofing which needs to be carried out. We can also carry out the squirrel-proofing for you if required.










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