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About pigeons: The feral pigeon is the number one urban pest bird. A single bird can eat up to 6oz of food every day - and produce up to 4oz of droppings.

Females lay clutches of two eggs up to four times a year and a pigeon is capable of breeding at only five months old.

Keeping pigeons under control is a legal requirement for many businesses. Good pigeon control is important if you are to comply with The Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995, The Food Safety Act 1990, The Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 and other legislation.

Why are they such a problem?

As well as being smelly, unsightly and slippery, pigeon droppings are very acidic and can cause irreparable damage to buildings, cars and lift machinery. The droppings can transmit 30 species of disease to man, including salmonella and meningitis, and 10 species of disease to domestic stock.

The droppings, feathers and nests provide a habitat for many species of flies, beetles and mites. Dead birds and chicks in lofts attract many carrion species of insects to the area that often migrate from there into domestic premises.

What happens during our visit?

We'll advise you on the best form of pigeon proofing for your building. This may include:

· Anti-perching spikes

Thin, blunt stainless steel spikes are stuck to ledges using a silicone adhesive which doesn't damage masonry. The spikes stop the pigeons from perching comfortably on ledges.

Anti-perching wires

Small springy pegs are embedded into ledges to hold up nearly-invisible nylon-coated stainless steel wires. The wires are too thin for a pigeon to perch on and move alarmingly when a pigeon tries to land on them.

Exclusion netting

A polypropylene net is stretched across steel frame wires which are attached to the building by fittings drilled into the masonry. This is the best method for keeping pest birds out of central courtyards large and medium sized blocks, and can also be used to screen off balconies, windows, column capitals and roof-tops. The net prevents the pigeons entering the area and forces them to find new homes elsewhere.












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