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Herring Gull (Larus argentatus)

Size, shape and colour: Herring gulls are large, noisy gulls found throughout the year around our coasts and inland around rubbish tips, fields, large reservoirs and lakes, especially during winter.

Adults have light grey backs, white under parts, and black wing tips with white 'mirrors'. Their legs are pink, with webbed feet and they have heavy, slightly hooked bills marked with a red spot. Young birds are mottled brown. They have suffered moderate declines over the past 25 years and over half of their UK breeding population is confined to fewer than ten sites. Loud wails and laughs or more plaintive mewing.

Biology:   Breeds, often in colonies, on coastal sites around the UK, including cliffs with grassy slopes, shingle beaches, small islands and rooftops in seaside towns. Also breeds on moors.

Preferred foods :  Omnivorous - a scavenger.

Hibitat: Wintering. Primarily coastal but generally more widespread in winter, ranging inland to feed on rubbish tips and roost on large lakes and reservoirs.

Herring gulls are widespread and can easily be seen at virtually any seaside town in the breeding season, and inland all year round, especially at rubbish tips, .


Seagull Spikes

We're often asked how to get rid of seagulls on your roof or boat. Seagull spikes can have a powerful deterrent effect helping to keep nuisance seagulls away. They can be installed on buildings, ledges, boats; In fact, just about anywhere.

These deterrents are also known as anti-seagull spikes, anti-bird spikes or seagull control spikes.

How do seagull spikes prevent birds landing?

By installing them in key roosting sites, nuisance seagulls will find it uncomfortable to land. Like all birds, gulls are fussy about where they choose to perch. They prefer somewhere up high, with excellent visibility to spot food and incoming pr editors.

Do seagull spikes cause pain to birds?

No. The spike tip is blunt. In fact, they're recommended by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (R.S.P.B).

Won't the spikes look unsightly?

Seagull spikes are designed to have low visibility. In most situations, you'd have to be actively looking for them to spot them.

Installing seagull spikes

Seagull spikes come in two foot long sections that can be nailed, screwed or glued to a variety of different surfaces. As these are often up high, it is recommended that a professional do this for you.

Key advantages

· 100% effective - They deter seagulls from landing or perching on any undesired surfaces whether flat or curved. Perfect for a roof or pier.

· Flexible - Seagull spikes can be installed on roof tops, piers, ledges, windows, air-conditioning units, boats, security cameras - in fact, just about anywhere.

· Humane seagull deterrent - The spike tip is blunt causing mild discomfort, but not pain. They are recommended by the R.S.P.B.

· Highly durable - if properly installed, seagull spikes will last for up to twenty years. Being stainless steel, they will not rust.

· Low visibility / low profile - the spikes themselves are very thin, so when viewed from a distance, they are almost undetectable

For maximum effectiveness and durability, we would always recommend a trained professional carry out the fitting of seagull spikes.

Seagull wire deterrent

We're often asked how do I keep seagulls off my roof?

How do I prevent seagulls landing on my boat?

Bird wiring is the lowest visibility seagull deterrent available.

How does "bird wiring" act as a seagull deterrent?

Several wires are stretch out in parallel a few inches above a ledge. This makes perching difficult. This forces seagulls to land on the wire itself. This is the clever bit ... A spring at one end flexes, making the seagull feel unsafe. This is similar to a bird landing on a tree branch that is too thin to support its weight. A seagull will always fly on to find a stronger perch. Mission accomplished!

Wiring has as similar effect as seagull spikes but is even less visible.

Where can seagull / bird wires be fitted?

They can be fitted to roof-tops, boats, window ledges, air-conditioning units. In fact, just about anywhere a seagull might try to land.

Key advantages

· Highly effective seagull / bird deterrent

· The lowest visibility installation available

· Ethical - seagull wires do not them.

· Long lasting - ten years or more

· Economical - especially where long lengths are needed











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